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Joseph Lemuel Chester 

Boston, 1879 




By Joseph Lemuel Chester, LL.D. 

HAVING recently had access to a contemporaneous document 
which throws considerable light upon the history of the Pel- 
ham family, I have supplemented the information therein contained 
by the results of further independent researches, and now propose 
to place the whole in convenient shape for preservation. So little, 
comparatively, has been known of Herbert Pelham, and his history 
after quitting New England, and the brief accounts of him contain 
so many inaccuracies, some of them serious, that I cannot doubt that 
any addition to our stock of knowledge about him and his descend- 
ants will be acceptable. It is not very much, indeed, that I have 
to offer, and perhaps the chief value of the present narrative will 
consist in its settlement of hitherto doubtful dates and the correction 
of long existing errors. 

The document to which I have referred is a richly emblazoned 
parchment roll, some yards in length, now in the possession of an 
aged maiden lady of Castle Gary, in Somersetshire. It was ori- 
ginally compiled by her ancestor, Samuel Bennet, Esq., of Shepton 
Mallet in that county, and is thus headed : " Register of severall of 
the ancestors of Samuel Bennet and his wife Ivatherine, with their 
several alliances by marriage, for four generations, Anno Dom : 
1693." At this date he was about forty years old, and had proba- 
bly been accumulating facts respecting his ancestry for many years, 
which, in 1(393, he arranged and thus placed on record. He evi- 
dently continued to. make additions to the roll until his death in 
1735, after which the same was done by his successive descendants 
into whose hands it passed as an heir-loom. It is, however, only 
with the original portion of it that we shall have to deal. His wife 
was a Shute, and the greater portion of the roll relates directly to 
the families of Bennet and Shute, but it also includes accounts of a 
number of families with which they were allied by marriage, and 
among them that of Pelham. It may be as well to say at once that 
Herbert Pelham, senior, sometime of New England, was the great- 
uncle of Samuel Bennet's wife, she being Catharine, daughter of 
Thomas Shute, Gent., and Catherine his wife, who was a daughter 
of Rev. James Ashton by Catherine sister of Herbert Pelham. ° 

Samuel Bennet was imbued with the true spirit of the genealogist, 
and must have had access to family records, and searched parish 
registers, for it is rarely that the early portion of the roll does not 
give the precise dates of birth, baptism, marriage, death, and burial 
of the persons named in it. During twenty years' experience I have 

__ ...t^ 

2 Herbert Pelham. 

never before seen so perfect a pedigree of the 17th century. It is, 
however, entirely in narrative form, and it is only when reduced to 
the tabular form, which I have done, that its wonderful complete- 
ness can be fully comprehended. I may add that I have had the 
opportunity, in many instances, of testing the statements by a direct 
reference to parish registers, and t>o far have not detected a single 

The present possessor will not allow the roll, or any entire portion 
of it, to be printed ; and it would possess no particular interest ex- 
cept to the families immediately concerned, while to Americans it3 
importance is confined to the Pelhams. I have, however, been 
allowed to copy it entire, and, under that express stipulation, to make 
such use of its details as I see fit. From the statements in this roll, 
and such other facrs as I have been able to Mean from other sources, 
1 now propose to present what I believe to be the true history of 
Herbert Pelham. 

As a specimen of the style of the Bennet roll, I will quote verba- 
tim, the commencement of the account of the Pelham family. It 
reads thus : 

"By my "Wife's Mother's Father. There were three brothers of the 
Pelhams, one called Black Pelham, the other White Pelham, the other 
only by the name of Pelham. Sir William Pelham of Brockleby in Lin- 
coln was the Black Pelham, and mother Shute'a mother for the White Pel- 
ham ; so are also the Pelhams of Compton in Dorset. My g. g. grand- 
father Herbert Pelham his father's name was Anthony, and this Anthony 
Pelham's son and grandson married with Elizabeth and Penelope West, 
daughters of Lord Delaware." 

This is all that the roll says respecting Anthony Pelham, with 
whom I shall commence my narrative, and with whose descendants, 
rather than his ancestors, we are especially concerned. 

I. Axthoxy Pelham: was the fourth and youngest son of Thomas 
Pelham, of Lar.ghton, co. Suffolk (son and finally heir of Sir John Pelham, 
Kt.), and brother of William Pelham, ancestor of the Earls of Chichester 
and Yarborough, through the ordinary histories of which peerages his ante- 
cedents can be readily traced. The accounts which describe him as of 
Buxted, in Sussex, are entirely wrong. It does not appear that any Pel- 
bam ever lived at Buxted, and certainly this Anthony did not. It would be 
well to draw bluck lines in Berry's Sussex, p. 316, over his entire bit of 
pedigree, for almost every one of its statements is erroneous. He did not 
live at Basted, did not die in lo77, and had no son Robert. His residence 
wa3 in the parish of Warbletou, and the name of his seat was, as he him- 
self spelt it in his will, " Buxstepe" In his day a mansion of some pre- 
tensions, it still exists as a farm-house, and is now known as Bucksteep. 
It was really the inheritance of his wife, and only became the property of 
the Pelhams by his bequeathing to her son, by a former husband, other pro- 
perty in exchange. His wife Margaret, whose maiden name was Hall, was, 
when ho married her. the widow of one Pierce, by whom she had, with 
other issue, this son, Thomas Pierce, with whom the exchange was effected. 

Herbert Pelham. 3 

She was buried at Warbleton on the 9th of December. 15G0. Anthony 
Pelham made his will on the 5th of April, 1563, describing himself as "of 
BuxStepe, in the parish of Warbultou, Esquire." The following is a full 
abstract of it : 

To the poor of Warbleton and Dallington, £30.— My overseers, viz., my son in 
law William Morley, my cousin John Lunsford, and Buwiard Randall, to have the 
use of all my personalty during the minority of Herbert my son, for the purchase 
of lands Cor him when 21 years of age— My manors, lands, and tenements in the 
counties of Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Dorset, Lincoln, Northumberland, and York, or 
elsewhere, to my said overseers until my said son Herbert be of age — To Thomas 
Pierce, my late wife's eldest son, certain lands, Sec. in Westfield and Ore, co. Sus- 
ses, in lieu of my house and lands where I now dwell, called Buxstepe, which were 
the inheritance of Margaret my wife, and would by common law have descended to 
said Thomas Pierce — If my said son Herbert die without issue, then Buxstepe to 
go to said Thomas Pierce, and all my other lands to my nephew John Pelham and 
the heirs male of his body, with remainder to heirs male of the body of his father 
Sir Nicholas Pelham, Kt., remainder to my right heirs— My said son Herbert to be 
my sole executor. 

This will was proved, 26 February, 1566-7, in the Prerogative Court of 
Canterbury, by Herbert Pelham, son of the testator, the executor named. 

Anthony Pelham had by his wife Margaret only two children, at least 
who survived. His daughter Anne became the second wife of "William 
Morley, of Glynde, in Sussex, whose line terminated in heiresses in the 
second generation. His only son, viz. : 

II. Herbert Pelham, had barely attained his majority when he proved 
his father's will, and hence was born in 1546. He was twice married, and 
by both wives had thirteen children, although the usual accounts allow him 
but four, and assign three of those to the wrong wife. His first wife was 
Catherine, daughter of John Thatcher, Esq., of Priesthawes (not Preshull), 
in the parish of Westham, co. Sussex, by Margaret, daughter of Sir God- 
dard Oxenbridge, Kt. By her he had one daughter and two sons, viz. : 

1. Margaret, who married Sir Thomns Palmer, of Wingham, co. Kent, Kt., 

and was mother, anions other children, of Herbert Palmer, the celebrated 
Master of Queen's College, Cambridge. 

2. John Pelham, who, on the 28th of January, IG08-9, had a license from 

the Bishop of London to marry Catherine, daughter of John Yardley, 
Esq., of Henley, co. Warwick, spinster, ai^ed eighteen. He was described 
as of the Middle Temple, Gentleman, a bachelor, aired twenty-four, son 
of Herbert Pelham, Esq., of VV arbleton, Sussex. He was, therefore, born 
in 1584, and it may be assumed that his father's first marriage took place 
about 1580. I have failed to ascertain the subsequent history of this 
John Pelham, but he certainly died before his father, leaving at least no 
male issue, as will subsequently appear. 

3. Herbert Pelham, of whom herealter. 

The exact date of death of Herbert Pelham's first wife Catherine does 
not appear. He married, secondly, at Wherwell, in Hampshire, PLlizabeth 
West, eldest daughter of Thomas, second Lord De la Warr, by Anne, 
daughter of Sir Francis Knollys, K. G., Treasurer of the Household to 
Queen Elizabeth. According to the Bennet roll,* she was born 11 Sep- 
tember, 1573, and baptized at Wherwell, her sponsors being Queen Eliza- 

* A? an instince of the accuracy, minuteness and importance of this roll, I may men- 
tion that it pives the precise days of birth of no less th.ia thirteen children of Lord De la 
AVarr, many of whom do not appear in the peerages, with the names of their sponsors. It 
is probably the only record of them, as the parish register of Wherwell, of that period, has 
long since disappeared. 

4 Herbert Pelham. 

beth herself, the Countess of Lincoln, and the Earl of Leicester. She was 
married at Wherwell, to Herbert Pelham, 12 February, 1593-4, being then 
only twenty years and five months old, while her husband was about forty- 
eight. By her Herbert Pelham had the following issue: 

4. A daughter, born at OfTniLrton, 25 September, 1594. 

5. A daughter, born at Michelham, 25 March, 1595. 

6. A daughter, born 26 March, 159(5. 

These three daughters, according to the Bennet roll, all died in their 
infancy; and, as no Christian "names are assigned them, probably at 
their birth, and hence unnamed and unbaptized. 

7. Thomas Pelham (eldest son by the second wife, and not, as hitherto stated, 

by the first wife), who was born at Chichester, 23 Jan. 1597-8. He 
married at Salisbury, 4 September, 1021, Blanche Eyre, who died in 
1667. They lived at Compton-Valence, co. Dorset, and had a numerous 
family, whose history and alliances are set forth in the Rennet roll, but 
which are omitted here as possessing no special interest for American 

8. Anthony Pelham, who was born at Michelham, 5 March, 1599-1600. He 

became a clergyman. His will, dated at Fordington, co. Dorset, 29 April, 
1659, was proved 27 July following. He named his children, but his wife 
was evidently dead. He was probably minister at Fordington during the 
commonwealth period, and hence his name does not appear in the official 
list of incumbents. 

9. Anne (fourth daughter and sixth child by the second wife, and not, as usu- 

ally stated, by the first wife), who was born at llellingly, in Sussex. 22 
March, 1601-2. She was married at Fordington, co. Dorset, 2 May, 1621, 
to the Rev. Edward Clarke, Vicar of St. Mary Magdalen, Taunton, co. 
Somerset, to whom she was second wife. They had three daughters, who 
all subsequently married clergymen in Devonshire, and a son John who 
was buried at Taunton, 23 June, 1030. On the 19th of December follow- 
ing she died, and two weeks later he also, both being buried in his church. 

10. Elizabeth (also by the second wife, though hitherto otherwise stated), who 

was born at llellingly, 27 April, 1604. She was married at Salisbury, 4 
September, 1621, to John Humphry, Uentleman, usually described as of 
Chaldon, co. Dorset, but who, according to the Bennet roll, was then 
living near London. 

11. A son, born at Dokiufield, 10 April, 1606, whose christian name is not given, 

and who probably died in infancy. 

12. Katherine, who was born at Dokinfield, 22 August, 1607, and buried at 

Warbleton, 17 March, 1608-9. 

13. Jonathan Pelham, who was born at Cralle, in Warbleton, 6 Feb. 1609-10, 

and baptized at Warbleton on the 11th of the same month. He died 
unmarried, and a creditor administered his estate, the letters being dated 
2 May, 1634, when he was described as late of Fordington, co. Dorset. 

The time of Herbert Pelham's death has never before been correctly 
stated (Berry says 30 July. 1625), but I have discovered the Inquisition 
post mortem, which fixes the date as 12 April, 1620, and also the confirma- 
tory evidence of the record of administration of his estate, the letters being 
granted to his son Herbert on the 27th of May in that year, when he was 
described as late of Fordington, co. Dorset. After occupying several dif- 
ferent residences in Sussex, all, however, in or near Warbleton, he appears 
to have passed the last few years of his life at Fordington, where some of 
his children continued for some years afterwards. His widow Elizabeth 
evidently took up her residence with her own eldest son Thomas, at Comp- 
ton Valence, Dorset, where she died, 15 January, 1632—3, and was buried. 
Her monumental inscription describes her as in her 50th year, which per- 
fectly agrees with the date of her baptism as given in the Bennet roll. 

We now return to his third child, and second but eldest surviving son, by 
by his first wife, Catherine Thatcher, viz. : 

Herbert Pelham. 5 

III. Herbert Pelham. By his father's Inquisition post mortem, elat- 
ed ( J April, lo21, he was found to be his son and heir, which proves, as has 
before been said, that his elder brother John died vita patris, leaving no 
male issue. He married, about 1599, Penelope West, fourth daughter of Tho- 
mas, second Lord De la Warr, and consequently his stepmother's younger 
sister. She was born, according to the Bennet roll, 9 September, 1082. 
When or where she died I have so far been unable to ascertain, but the 
same authority states that they "hud 1G children, most of them born iu 
Sussex or Lincolnshire."* The roll specifically mentions twelve of them, 
and adds: ''The rest of the 1G children, some of them dead-born, some 
died unbaptized." I have otherwise identified two not named in the roll, 
making 14 iu all, and the remaining two were probably still-born, a class of 
children which the compiler always carefully included throughout the entire 
roll. These children were as follows : 

1. Herbert Pelham, of whom hereafter. 

2. William Pelham, second son. He makes a nuncupative will on or about 8 

August, 1667, leaving all his possessions to his brother Herbert, who 
took out letters of administration under it. 7 January following, when the 
testator was described as a bachelor. He was probably not far from sixty 
years of age at his death. There can, I think, be little doubt that he was 
the William Pelham named by Savage as being in .New England from 
1630 to 1647, and in England in 1652 . 

3. John Pelham, third son, ot whom the roll says nothing more, but who was 

clearly the John Pelham, aged 20, who, with his sister Penelope, emi- 
grated to New England in 1635. He would have been born in 1615. 
Savage does not dispose of him, and I find no later trace of him in this 

4. Anthony Pelham, fourth son. I find that I have his baptism at Boston, co. 

Lincoln, 24 May, 1621 ; but 1 fail to trace him later. 

5. Edward, fifth sjii. No more in the roll. 

6. A son, who lived and died in London, unmarried. 

7. A son, who also lived and died in London, unmarried. 

The roll affords no further information about the last two, and it is clear 
that the seven sons are not placed iu strict chronological order. Probably 
the last two should come somewhere between the others. I give the daugh- 
ters as they are enumerated in the roll : 

1. Margaret, eldest daughter. She was living unmarried at the date of the 

will of her brother-in-law Ashton, 3 May, 1647, and appears to have 
been buried at Bures, in Suffolk, in 1661. 

2. Catherine, second daughter, who was born at Dokenfield, in Sussex, 22 

Aug. 1606, and married at Compton, in Dorset, in 1631, to the Rev. 
James Ashton, of Kilmersdon, co. Somerset. He died before Michael- 
mas, 1647, aged 52. She died the 19th, and was buried 21 April, 1659, 
both in Kilmersdon church. They had two sons and three daughters, 
who all died young except the second daughter, Catherine, who married 
25 Aug. 1658, at Kilmersdon, Thomas Shute, Gent., and their second 
daughter. Catherine, born the 30th, and baptized 31 March, 1661, was 
married there, 15 May, 1683, to Samuel Bennet, the compiler of the roll 
referred to. 

3. " tlelenor, third daughter, lived till she was 19 or 20 years old : she had a 

black Pudding arm." 1 quote the roll verbatim.. 

4. Penelope, fourth daughter. The roll, in another place, says : " My great 

aunt Penelope Pelham is married to Mr. Belinu;ham, Gent. : they live 
in Boston, in New England." She was, of course, the wife of the"well- 
known Governor Richard Bellingham, whom she survived nearly thirty 

* The accounts hitherto have assigned them positively only one son, possibly two more, 
and two daughters; hut certainly there were no less than ten children living at their 
father's death. 

6 Herbert Pelham. 

years, dying at Boston, 28 May, 1702. She was bom aloufc 1G19, her 
age being given as sixteen at her emigration in 1635. 

5. "Mtzabet A", youngest daughter, 70 age, lives with her sister Penelope, at 

.Boston, New England." Again I quote the roll verbatim, and for a special 
purpose. The date of the roll is sfthpry 1693, and this entry may have 
been made anywhere between 25 March, 1603, and 24 March, 1693-4. 
If her a<?e wen: given with precise accuracy, she would have been born 
in 1023, or before 2-1 March, 1023-4. In the parish register, c4 P... -ton, 
co. Lincoln, under the date of 8 July, 1624, occurs the baptism of" Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Herbert Pelham, Esq.," and there can be no reasona- 
ble doubt that this is the entry of her baptism. Neither can there be 
any doubt that it was she, and not her brother Herbert's second wife, 
who, according to Savage, died 1 April, 1700, in her 84th year, and was 
buried at Marshfield, Mass. That it was not the latter will be abund- 
antly proved hereafter. She was really, therefore, not quite 82 at her 
The two other daughters not named in the roll were : 

6. Anne, who was buried at Boston, co. Lincoln, 10 March, 1622-3, and 

7. Martha, who was baptized at Boston, 6 March, 1022-3, and buried there, 

19 April, 1024. Both are in each instance described as daughters of 
Herbert Pelham, Esq. 

Like his father, this Herbert Pelham died intestate, as did his wife, who 
probably survived him, so that we are without the information that might 
have been afforded by their wills, and hence the value of the details con- 
tained in the Bennet roll. He appears to have been somewhat of a wan- 
derer, and almost as having no settled home, which is the more strange 
when we consider his very large family. When be administered his father's 
estate in 1621, he was described as of Hastings in Sussex, but most of his 
children had been born at other places in that county. He had inherited 
from his father the manor of Swineshead, in Lincolnshire, but he evidently 
never lived there, as the register of the parish does not contain a single en- 
try of his family. The last year of his life, and rather more, was spent at 
Boston in Lincolnshire, and he was buried in the Rev. John Cotton's church, 
not in 1625 as is usually stated, but, according to the parish register, on the 
20th of Julv, 1624. His Inquisition post mortem, dated 20 June, 162.5, 
says that he "died "the last day of July last past," a discrepancy of at least 
eleven days. He was never knighted, as has been hitherto stated. In 
every record of him that has been discovered, down to that of his burial 
in the Boston register and the Inquisition post mortem, nearly a year later, 
he is invariably described as " Herbert Pelham, Esquire." 

We now return to his eldest son, viz. : 

IV. Herbert Pelham, of whom the Bennet roll only says : " My 
great-uncle Herbert, eldest son of my great-grandfather and great-grand- 
mother, Herbert and Penelope Pelham. married Mrs. Waldgrave, of Essex, 
a great heiress, buried her, married again, and had by both his wives four 
sons and six daughters." His first wife's name has hitherto been errone- 
ously stated as Elizabeth. Their marriage license, granted by the Bishop 
of London, describes her as Jemima Waldegrave, spinster, aged about twen- 
ty, daughter of The mas Waldegrave, of Bures ad montem in Essex, Esquire. 
Herbert Pelham is described as of Boston, co. Lincoln, Esquire, a bachelor, 
a^ed about twenty-six. He was born, therefore, in 1600, and this date is 
confirmed by his father's Inquisition post mortem, when he was found to be 
son and next heir, and aged twenty-four at his father's death. Jemima 
Waldegrave was not, as has been hitherto stated, daughter and coheir of 
Thomas Waldegrave by Elizabeth, daughter of llobert Gurdon of Assing- 

Herbert PelJtam. 7 

ton, who were her grandparents, she being the second daughter and coheir 
of their son Thomas, who inherited Ferriers Court, in Bures, co. Suffolk, 
and whose wife was Margaret, daughter and heir of John Holmstead, of 
Halstead, co. Essex, Esquire. By her Herbert Pelham hud issue as 
follows : 

1. Walpfcravf Pfih'm, eldest son, of whom hereafter. 

2. Nathaniel Pelham, second son, baptised at Bures, 5 Feb. 1031-2. He is said 

to have graduated at Harvard College, and to have died in New England, 
in 1057. = His father, in his will, dated 1 January, 1072-3, directs that 
a year's rent of certain premises shall be paid to Jos i as Winslow, in 
satisfaction of a debt which "he says my son Nathaniel Pelham owes 
him," but the rest of the will gives no intimation that he was still alive, 
and the word was probably a clerical error tor owed. 

3. Jemima, eldest daughter. The Bennet roll says that she " married Samuel 

Kern, called Maior, Alesbury. sis miles from Oxford." This is one of 
the very few instances in which I have found the roll not strictly accu- 
rate, but I am able to set it right from my own Collections. Her husband 
was the Rev. Samuel Kem, B.D., Rector of Albury. near Oxford, and 
the record of the publication of their intended marriage occurs in the 
register of St. Martin in the Fields, London, under the date of 19 Janu- 
ary, 1653-4. In his own parish register of Albury, Mr. Kem made the 
following entry, under the date of 10 February in the same year : " Mr. 
Samuel Kem, pastor of this parish, and Mrs. Jemima Pelham, eldest 
daughter to Harbert Pelham, Esq., of Ferriers Court, co. Essex, in the 
parish of Buers, co. Suffolk, were published three times in Albury Church, 
and they were married, and proclaimed husband and wife, by Mr. Jacob 
Roswell, J. P., in Trinity parish in London, the following 10th of Feb- 
ruary." She did nut long survive, for three and a half years later, Mr. 
Kem, with his own hand, wrote the following entry in the Albury regis- 
ter : " Jemima Kem, eldest daughter of Herbert Pelham, Esq., of Essex, 
and second wife of Air. Samuel Ken., B.D., and Rector of Albury, died 
the 20th day of August, 1057, and was buried at her father's church, in 
the chancel", of Buers in Suffolk." Mr. Kem married a third wife in 
1059, and buried her in 1061, after which I have no knowledge of him. 
He appears to have had no issue by Jemima Pelham. 

4. Penelope, second daughter. The Bennet roll says : " My cousin Penelope 

Pelham, second daughter, married William Winslow, of Boston, New 
England, and lives tiiere." This should of course read Josiah Winslow. 
The inaccuracy is, so far, the only serious one I have discovered in the 
entire roll, and is readily rectified. She was baptized at Bures in 1033, 
married in New England in 1657, died there 7 December, 1703, and was 
buried at Marshlield, Mass. Her age could have been only 70, instead 
of 73, as hitherto stated. 

5. Catherine. The Bennet roll says : " My cousin Katherine Pelham, young- 

est daughter by the first wife, lived and was married." She was living 
at the date of her father's will, 1 January, 1672-3, as Katherine Clarke, 
but her husband is not otherwise named. 

It seems probable that all these children went with their father to New 
England in 1638, and that when he finally returned to England he left be- 
hind him only Nathaniel and Penelope. I have not been able to ascertain 
when their mother died, or where she was buried, but it was doubtless 
before the emigration, as Herbert Pelham's second marriage must have 
taken place, in New England, the following year. His second wife was 
Elizabeth, daughter of Godfrey Bosvile, of Gunthwaite, Yorkshire, and 
widow of Roger Hurlakenden, who had died in New England in Novem- 
ber, 1638, leaving two young daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret. The 
Bennet roll does not name her, but after mentioning Catherine, youngest 
daughter by Herbert Pelham's first wife, says : " Next, his children by a 
second wife," and enumerates them as follows : 

8 Herbert Pelham. 

6. " Edward Pelham, my cousin, son of my great-uncle Herbert, and brother 

to Waldgrave Pelham by t!ie father's side, is married and lives at Boston, 
New England." As he either remained in New England, or returned 
there after arriving at maturity, his history must there be sought.* He 
will be found mentioned in his father's will. I cannot but note, how- 
ever, that if he graduated at Harvard College in 1673, and died in 
September. 1730, us is stated, he must have been upwards of thirty 
years of age at his graduation, and nearly ninety at his death. 

7. " Herbert Pelham, my cousin, was Becond son of my great uncle Herbert, 

by his second wife." He appears to have been born in New England, 3 
.October, 1645, and buried 2 January following. 

8. Mary, who is said to have been hi in in New England, 12 Nov. 1640. The 

Bennet roll says : " My cousin .Mary Pelham, the eldest daughter of my 
great uncle Herbert by his second wife, died in Essex, unmarried." 

9. Frances, who is said to have been in New England 9 Nov. 1643. The Bcnnet 

roll says : " ft] y cousin Frances Pelham, second daughter of my great 
uncle Herbert by his second wife, lived and was married in Essex." She 
was doubtless the wife of Jeremiah Stonnard (or Stannard) whom her 
father named in his will as his son. 

10. Anne, of whom the Bennet roll says: " My cousin Anne, third daughter 

by the second wife, died unmarried, in Essex." She was living at the 
date of her father's will, I January, 1672-3. 
Besides these ten children, there was clearly another son, viz. : 

11. Henri/ Pelham, who is distinctly so called in his father's will. He appears 

to have been buried at Bures in the latter part of the year 1699, and 
his widow Elizabeth took out letters of administration to his estate, 10 
June, 1700. Her will, dated 30 Dec. 1713, was proved 3 February follow- 
ing. They seem to have had an only son William, who was baptized at 
Bures in 1077, and whose will, dated 3 February, 1714-15, was proved 16 
May following, by his widow Elizabeth. He left two young children, 
Henry and Elizabeth, the latter being baptized at Bures in 1713. 
I can 6nd no evidence that Herbert Pelham had still another son, William, 
as has been sometimes stated, but it is not impossible. At all events, 
he was not named in his father's will. 

Knowing that Herbert Pelham did not make the slightest allusion to his 
second wife Elizabeth in his will, I always doubted that it was she who, 
according to Savage and others, was buried at Marshfield, Mass., in 1706 ; 
and, after a careful search, I discovered that on the 25th of August, 1659, 
letters to administer the estate of Elizabeth Pelham, late of Ferriers, in 
Bures, co. Esses, were granted, by the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 
to her husband Herbert Pelham. There can of course be no doubt as to 
her identity, and thus a double mystery is cleared up, as I have shown when 
and where she really died, and that it was her husband's sister who was 
buried at Marshfield in 1706. Of her daughter by her former husband, 
Margaret Harlakenden, I have found no trace, but her other daughter, 
Elizabeth Harlakenden, will be mentioned hereafter. 

Herbert Pelham does not appear, as suggested by Savage, to have been 
a lawyer, but simply a country gentlemen. Certainly he was not educated 
at Oxford. The Herbert Pelham who matriculated at that university in 
1619, and accepted by Mr. Savage as the emigrant, is distinctly declared 
in the register to have been the son of a Knight, which his father never 
was. They were distant kinsmen, the Oxford student being the son of Sir 
William Pelham, of Brocklesby, co. Lincoln. 

Herbert Pelham survived his last wife fifteen years, dying at the age of 
73, and was buried at Bures, 1 July, 1674. He made his will on the first 
of January, 1672-3, but for some reason it was not proved until 30 March, 

* See Register, xxvi. 401. — Editor. 

Herbert Pelham. 9 

167G. As the last record of one whose name is closely connected with tho 
early history of New England, a full abstract of it may prove acceptable. 
The incorrect orthography of it must be attributed to the scrivener who 
wrote it. Omitting only the mere verbiage, it reads thus : 

I, Herbert Pelham, of Ferrer^, in Bowers Hamlet, in the County of Essex, 
Esquire, etc. — To my son Waldegrave Pelham all those lands, tenements, &e. 
with the rents and arrearages, which belong to me by virtue of a settlement of 
James Thaeker [rightly 'i'halchcr\, late of Perist-llnwes [i. e. Priesthawts] in 
Susses, Esq., or by virtue of any settlement of William Thaeker or John 
Thaeker, suns of said James Thaeker, or by any other ways or means whatso- 
ever, which were settled by him or them upon Katherine Pelham my grand- 
mother, sister of said James Thaeker, and descend upon me as heir of said 
Katherine Pelham — Whereas I have settled my manor of Swinstead alias Swine- 
stead [rightly Sivincshead] in Lincolnshire, on my said son Waldegrave and his 
heirs male, I now confirm the same — Whereas, by my Indenture dated 12 De- 
cember IG67, I have settled, after my decease, a certain farm in Swinstead 
North-End, my will now is that the yearly rent of said farm be paid as fol- 
lows : to my sister Penelope, wife of Fuchard L'ellingham, Esq., £30. per an- 
num for her life ; to Elizabeth Pelham my sister £ 10. per annum for life ; and 
the remaining £10. per annum to my daughter Penelope Winslow for life— If 
my son Edward Pelham survive my sister Bellingham, he to have, after her 
decease, £10. per annum thereof, and. after the death of both of my said 
sisters and my said daughter, he to receive the whole of said rents for life, 
and, at his death, the whole of said lands to come to my said son Waldegrave 
and bis heirs male, with remainder to the heirs male to Edward Pelham, re- 
mainder to Henry Pelham end his heirs male, remainder to my right heirs — 
Whereas I have settled by my deed upon my said son Edward, for his life, my 
lands at Srneeth Hall, being 480 acres, part of the Eight Hundred Fenn, and 
a house and land in Chapel Hill, in Lincolnshire, my will is that he shall not 
receive any rents thereof until my debts are paid, and then the first year's 
rent shall be paid to my daughter Anne Pelham ; the second year's rent to my 
sons Henry Pelham and Jeremiah Stonnard (viz. £20. to my son Stonnard and 
the residue to my son Henry) ; the third year's rent to my son Josias Winslow, 
in satisfaction of a debt which he says my son Nathaniel Pelham owes [sic] 
him ; the fourth year's rent to my daughter Penelope Winslow, if living, or to 
her children if she be dead ; the next three year's rent to be paid " into the 
hands of my son Winslow for the use of my son Edward Pelham, to be paid 
unto him in New England, if he reside there, upon the conditions hereafter 
expressed, that is to say, if he said Edward Pelham so behave and demean him- 
self that he can procure either the hands of the Governor and four of the Magis- 
trates or Assistants of the Colony of the Mattachusetts Bay, or of New Ply- 
mouth Government, that he is now grown serious, sober, and solid, and fol- 
lows his study, and avoids all idle and profuse company, and that they verily con- 
ceive th^re is a real change in him tor the better, and not only to attain his 
ends thereby, then, upon'such certificate," &c, said three years' rent shall bo 
paid to him by my son Win«low, and afterwards said Edward shall receive said 
rents for life ; " but, if in all these years he will not be reclaimed," &c., then 
the first year's rent after said three years shall be paid to my said son Walde- 
grave, the second to my daughter Winslow, the third to my daughter Clarke, the 
fourth to my daughter Anne, the filth to my son Henry, and then to begin 
again with "my son Waldegrave, &c. — All my lands in Oweneboy, in the 
barony of Kirricurry, co. Cork, Ireland, to my said son Henry and his heirs 
male, with remainder to Edward Pelham, remainder to my said son Walde- 

frave, remainder to my right heirs— My daughters Katherine Clarke and Anne 
elham, each to have £25. per annum for life out of my lands in W igtoit in 
Lincolnshire, and my son Henry Pelham the residue of the rents thereof for 
life, and, at the death of either, his or her part to be paid to the use of W aide- 
grave Pelham and Herbert Pelham, my grandchildren, for their lives — "To 
my son Edward Pelham all my lands, tenements and hereditaments in New 
England, in the Mattachusetts Cay in America, scituate, lying and being in 
Cambridge, Watertown, Sudbury, or elsewhere within the said Colony, which 
are laid out unto me, as also all other which are due to me from any of the said 
towns, or from the country, which are not laid out unto me, together with all 


10 Herbert Pelham. 

such rents and arrearages of rents as shall he due unto me at the time of my 
death fur any lands letten within the said Colony " — All my plato in New Eng- 
land to my said son Edward, with one great silver tankard which was given 
him by his grandfather Godfrey Bosevile, Esquire — All other braes, bedding, 
linen, with all my books, and other utensils and moveables, Which 1 have m the 
Mnttacbusetts Bay in New England, to be divided between my son Edward 
Pelham anil my daughter Penelope Winslow — To my daughter, the wife of 
Mr. (■Juthlach Tolliot, the cabinet that was her mother's, and to her daughter 
Elizabeth a silver eup — 1 appoint my son Waldegrave Pelham my sole executor. 

The only portion of this will not already referred to, and necessary to 
explain, is that relating to the mysterious daughter, wife of Guthlach Tol- 
liot, who, in the only account of the Pelham family in which I have seen 
him mentioned, completely loses his identity by being strangely metamor- 
phosed, no doubt from accidental causes, into Cuthlac Elliot.* She was not 
Herbert Pelham's own daughter, but his second wife's eldest daughter by 
her former husband, being no other than the Elizabeth Ilarlakenden who 
was born, according to Savage, at Cambridge, Mass., in December, 1G3G. 
I find among my Collections the record of their marriage, at St. Augus- 
tine's, London, 2 February, 1659-60, he being described as of St. Mary le 
Bow, London, and she as " Elizabeth Harlackinden, of Bures St. Mary in 

It now only remains to follow out briefly the history of Herbert Pel- 
ham's eldest son by his first wife, Jemima "Waldegrave, viz. : 

V. Waldegrave Pelham, who was baptized at Bures, 2G Septem- 
ber, 1627. The Bennet roll says : " My cousin "Waldgrave, eldest son of 
my great uncle Pelham, by his first wife Mrs. Waldgrave, lives at a house 
called Ferriers, near Buers Town in Essex." He was admitted to the 
Inner Temple in November, 1617, and married Abigail, daughter of Tho- 
mas Glascock, of Hedingham Sible, Essex. She was buried at Bures in 
1698, and he late in 1699. Letters to administer his estate were granted, 
28 February following, to his brother Edward Pelham, who, it thus ap- 
pears, was then in England. Their children were as follows : 

1. Waldegrave Pelham, who was baptized at Bures 6 June, 1667, and evidently 

died in infancy. 

2. Herbert, of whom hereafter. 

3. Waldegrave Pelham, second of the name, who was baptized at Bares in 

1670. He died unmarried, and a creditor administered to his estate, 19 
May, 1703. 

4. Penelope, who was living unmarried. 28 February, 1699-1700, when she 

renounced administration to her father's estate. 

5. Margaret, who was also living unmarried at her father's death, but who 

renounced administration to her brother Waldegrave's estate, 19 May, 
1703, then as Margaret Jenison. 

6. Jemima, who died unmarried, and was buried at Bures in 1721. 

7. Abigail, } 

8. Elizabeth, > who apparently all died young. 

9. Mary, ) 

The second but eldest surviving son, viz. : 

VI. Herbert Pelham, died in 17-1G, and, according to his monument 
at Bures, in his 77th year. His widow, Sarah, was buried there in 1746. 

" The author of the account of the Pelham family in the Heraldic Jovrnal for April, 
18G7 (iii. 8 1-0), to which we suppose Col. Chester refers, quotes this name as from the will of 
Herbert Pelh an, and probably obtained it from the copy communicated to the Rlgistek 
for April, ls^t (xviii. 172-5), where the name appears, "Cuthlacb. Elliott." — Editor. 

Herbert Pelham. 11 

They appear to have died intestate, as I can discover no will or record of 
administration of either in any of the courts of London or Essex. Their 
issue were as follows : 

1. Watdegrave Pelham, who was baptized at Bures in 1703. He died, appa- 

rently unmarried, and was buried at Southwell, in Nottinghamshire, 20 
May,* 17*33. 

2. Sarah, who was baptized at Bures in 1705, and buried there in 1714. 

3. Herbert Pelham, who was baptized at Bures in 1707, and buried there in 


4. William Byatl Pelham, who was baptized at Bures in 1709, but of whom 

I can discover nothing further. 

5. Nathaniel Pelham, who was baptized at Bures in 1713, and buried there in 


6. Elizabeth, who was baptized at Bures in 1716. 

It may, I think, be assumed with tolerable safety, that unless there are 
descendants of Edward Pelham of New England, the male line of Her- 
bert Pelham became extinct in the last generation recorded, and probably 
on the death, in 17 63, of the last Waldegrave Pelham. 

124 Southward Park Road, 
London, S. £., England. 

Reprinted from the New England Historical and Genealogical Registee 

for July, 1S79. 

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